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Country and Courage

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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 13, 2022

Film Reviews
Country and Courage
Directed by:
Rodney Roldan
Written by:
Jamelle C. Shawley, Dae McDonald, Martin Bandy, JT Traffanstedt, Peter Friedrich, Stephan Wolfert

A powerful and informative documentary about United States Army veterans.


This forty-minute long film aims to raise support for veterans of the United States Armed Forces, reveal their great contributions and show the efforts done by American people in order to support and honour them.


The documentary is filled with fascinating facts that include how the 11th of November became a day dedicated to the honour of American veterans of all wars, the experiences of a war veteran in Vietnam and programmes that involve the use of works by English playwright William Shakespeare in order to help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.


Several individuals are interviewed and they consist of Major General Jamelle C. Shawley, Sergeant First Class Dae McDonald, Vietnam War Veterans Martin Bandy and JT Traffanstedt, Associate Professor of Theatre Peter Friedrich. Stephan Wolfert also contributes, who is an army veteran and founder of Decruit, a programme that utilises Shakespeare to assist veterans with PTSD. All these people share their knowledge and experience and provide an insight on what it is like being a U.S. Army veteran and what support they get from their country.


The film contains a rich collection of photographs of members of the U.S. Military in uniform and they include pictures of soldiers doing their duty in several wars, including the two World Wars and the Vietnam War. Most of the photos are seen through brief and beautifully edited montages. There is also footage of soldiers engaging in combat.


Roldan also provides narration and does a great job. Occasionally, the screen reveals quotes from Shakespeare himself or texts from some of his plays. The music that is heard throughout adds significant value, as it is dramatic and creates a feeling of courage.


This short documentary is an admirable achievement that pays homage to veterans of the United States Armed Forces and points out the importance of supporting them, honouring them and acknowledging their accomplishments. It also introduces the viewer to some wonderful individuals and analyses a number of significant facts. For these reasons, this is a film that should be praised.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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