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Count On Me

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Sep 8, 2023

Film Reviews
Count On Me
Directed by:
Matteo Mauroni
Written by:
Matteo Mauroni
Will Fitz Gerald, Thom Leon, Mica Williams

The writer-director Matteo Mauroni builds up an intricate script around the role of expectations in various relationships and how Jay (Will Fitz Gerald) as well as the people around him get affected by it in the long run.


The plot of Count On Me revolves around a glamorous drag queen who sits alone in a small semi lit changing room. Her shiny dress and radiant smile are the perfect alter ego, the ultimate disguise but underneath the heavy make-up her eyes tell a very different story.


The film opens with an extreme close-up shot of the drag queen getting ready for her show while a voice message along with intense music plays in the background quickly establishing the subject matter of the film it deals with. The nonlinear format of storytelling at the beginning and then switching to linear narrative provides depth and maintains interest of the audience in the content of the movie. Matteo Mauroni and his creative team have incorporated a well-written conversation between two lead characters so that the viewers get emotionally connected to the movie from the very start and keep them eagerly waiting for the climax. The red, blue, and gold colours utilised for the colour tone of Count On Me attempt to celebrate the lives of the entertainers. The set design, lighting, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props compliment the story assisting the cast and crew to effectively and efficiently communicate the key messages to its audience.


In terms of performance, Thom Leon plays the male lead Sebastian who works as a drag queen and finds happiness in fulfilling the basic right of the audience to be entertained. Thom Leon understands the nuances of both the persona as well as character arc of Sebastian as well as his professional self. Leon presents a non-identical perspective to life providing the viewers with a chance to learn from the protagonist and making their lives better in the long run.

Will Fitz Gerald plays the role of Jay who is a friend as well as the manager of Sebastian. Jay is both the biggest cheerleader and a critic Sebastian needs. Gerald’s screen time is very short but he leaves an everlasting impression in the minds of the viewers.


Count On Me talks about mutual love, respect, and appreciation between the audience and an artist working in the entertainment industry. The dramatic piece reiterates the importance of the saying what goes around comes around so we should do good to others and don’t bother about what we get in return. The cinematic piece discusses how significant it is to face one’s fear and not give up and survive each day to achieve the goal/purpose of life god has set for them. Count On Me also highlights the dynamics of the father and child relationship and how the situation changes positively for both of them at the end of the movie. The creative piece teaches the audience about the sense of responsibility towards the work commitments irrespective of the challenges one is going through in his/ her personal life.

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