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Con Artists Unveiled

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 10, 2024

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Con Artists Unveiled
Directed by:
Jack Skyyler, Alex Zinzopoulos
Written by:
Gini Graham Scott
Joycelynne Lew, Evan Disney, Dan Sperry, Julia Irene, Soccorro Jones

A feature-length documentary about the world of fraud.


By viewing this rather interesting documentary, people will delve into the world of con artists and their victims and will get an understanding regarding how these criminals operate and how their actions affect the people they target.


The film consists of numerous interviews that alternate between them throughout. The interviewees are individuals who have committed fraud, people who have been a victim of fraud and two men who 'deceive' people legally for a living, Hollywood magicial Evan Disney and illusionist Dan Sperry. The former con artists are in a darkened room and their face is covered by shadows. They explain in detail how they ended up becoming scammers and describe certain scams they have done, that include using a fake I.D. in order to get people's money from the bank and using photographs of various women online in order to create a counterfeit profile and convince users to give money. The ones who were unfortunate enough to be conned talk about the circumstances that led to the scam, such as a phoney modelling agency website and a falsified cheque and the two 'legal fraudsters' mainly attempt to explain the psychology of such criminals. Listening to the illegal events that took place is certainly quite intriguing and also helps get an idea of how to avoid such schemes and one cannot help but feel sorry for the ones who had their money stolen.


The documentary focuses primarily on online fraud, cybercrime and points out how easy it is to become a victim, as because of the technology in today's world, crooks can obtain people's vital information and utilise them to deceive at steal money wherever they are. It is also revealed that the vulnerable are the ones that tend to become targets more often than others.


The dramatic music that is heard throughout includes piano melodies and its constant presence creates a serious and sometimes melancholic atmosphere.


This is a feature that definetely grabs the audience's attention because of the subjects that it investigates and it introduces some interesting people. Crucially, it raises awareness of con artistry, particularly cybercrimes and provides some advice on how to spot a potential fraud. People who watch this film will hopefully learn that these kind of crimes can happen to anyone and they will know how to avoid them.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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