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Collect Your Roadkill

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Aug 12, 2022

Film Reviews
Collect Your Roadkill
Directed by:
Alessio Mazza, Hugo Morgan
Written by:
Alessio Mazza, Hugo Morgan
Kit Murphy, Ryan Haire, Cosmo Posa, Tashi Nash

The writer-director Alessio Mazza and Hugo Morgan of the feature film- Collect Your Roadkill present well-curated content full of adventure, thrill, drama, and mystery to bring the two protagonists (Kit Murphy and Ryan Haire) together on this unknown journey which allows the audience to be involved with it right from the very start.


The storyline of the film revolves around two strangers who cross paths while trying to escape their past; they form an unlikely music partnership that will take them running across rural Australia.


The feature film follows a nonlinear narrative with a well-knitted script to support the continuous movement between various subplots of the film. The musical pieces chosen by Kit Murphy and Hugo Morgan are suitable for the subject matter the filmmakers are dealing with. The colour palette, set design, lighting, camera angles, dialogues, background music, flashbacks, costume, and makeup provides the required push to the story as it seems to be moving at a slightly slower pace in the initial moments. The camera pans out then pans in followed by panning down to above introducing a new character to intensify the sense of curiosity in the minds of the viewers.


Kit Murphy plays Jim Buckley who a music enthusiast is looking for answers to the present problems that life has thrown at him. Murphy uses his musical knowledge and the simplistic approach of reacting to every situation in the story to makes Jim Buckley full of realism and relatable in the eyes of the audience.

Ryan Haire takes up the role of Sidney Utio who is a complex character with multiple layers running from his past to figure out how to deal with the present. Haire utilizes his facial expressions, voice modulation, and eyes to convey the range of emotions the character is going through.

Cosmo Posa is the grey shade character Ringo Utio brother of Sidney who wants to take his brother back so that both of them can work towards solving the ongoing family feud. Posa the young actor effortlessly portrays the angry young man avatar and the audience tends to enjoy his scenes as it has some well-written banter.


The film Collect Your Roadkill reiterates the importance of hope, luck, and destiny required to deal with tricky and difficult everyday situations. The need for a friend, life partner and music is also very crucial to relieve any kind of emotional and mental stress. The musical drama advises its audience to face and accept their past as well because one cannot get rid of any experiences in life. The comedy-drama also tells us that sometimes being brave is the only option left to tackle the sudden unexpected turn. The cinematic piece inspires the viewers to continuously explore and experiment, and listen to the heart when it comes to choosing the right career option for them. The creative piece highlights how vital it is to know what is right and wrong for all the parties involved.


To conclude, I like to say that the filmmakers have given an open-ended climax to the film keeping the closure accessible for the viewers to interpret the same. By doing this the makers want to make the audience feel inclusive

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