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Chocolate Milk

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jun 5, 2022

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Chocolate Milk
Directed by:
J.W. Cox
Written by:
J.W. Cox
Danielle Meyer, Jared Pettit, Olivia Dennis, Vince Hobart Smith

A young woman is obsessed with a wannabe actor and kidnaps him.


Deena (Meyer) is a socially awkward woman who has a fixation with a struggling actor named Leo (Pettit) and constantly follows him on social media. One day, she decides to abduct him and bring him to her place, hoping that the two of them will bond.


This short dark comedy thriller paints a satirical and disturbing picture regarding obsession, social networking services, desire for fame and mental health. The film begins with a computer screen that shows Leo's social media page and reveals his current status as an actor and celebrity. The narrative then goes on to explore Leo and Deena's lives, revealing Deena's obsession and solitude and Leo's befief that he will eventually become a star, even though his progress so far is not very significant. What follows is the kidnapping, with poor Leo bound to a chair, with Deena expressing her admiration towards him and giving him chocolate milk to drink. Although the situation is an abduction, the conversation between abductor and victim is awkward and humorous and the two of them even become friendly towards each other, turning this film into kind of a love story.


Meyer and Pettit deliver entertaining performances. Meyer is obsessed with a person and dedicates pretty much her entire life in pursuing him, ignoring all alse. She obviously has mental issues and is dangerous and she is determined to do anything in order to get what she wants. Pettit dreams of becoming a famous actor and even ignores his father's opininon that it is all a waste of time.


The cinematography looks great thanks to Matthew Kennedy and there are some creative lighting techniques. Jack McCarthy provides a score that is sinister and tense and the song by Alsever Lake that is titled Somewhere, Heaven Is on Earth, which is heard during the opening and closing credits, was a fine choice.


This film is rather intriguing due to its plot, characters and dialogue and it is an amusing experience and also one that makes the audience think about the effects that social media and hunger for fame can have on people. Viewers will see characters trying to make their dreams a reality, being menacing, being held captive, fearing for their safety...and drinking chocolate milk.

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