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Chekhov's: A Work Of Art

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Nov 28, 2022

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Chekhov's: A Work Of Art
Directed by:
Nick Burton
Written by:
Tom Edgerton
Henning Mayer, Thomas Georgi, Naomi O'Taylor, Jonathan Faila

A small piece of art is passed on from one person to the next.


Sasha (Mayer) pays a visit to his doctor, Koshlekov (Georgi). However, Sasha's visit is not health-related. He was recently treated by Koshlekov for an illness and as a form of gratitude, he wants to give his doctor a sculpture. The gift has an erotic appearance and initially Koshlekov refuses to accept it as he believes that it would be inappropriate to display such an object in his office. After much persuasion, the doctor takes the present and then brings it to his lawyer (Faila), for him to have instead. He does not want it either.


Based on the short story by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, this short comedy explores how people view art and it points out that everyone has their own perception regarding art. Sasha seems to be the only one who views the sculpture as a work of art to be admired and appreciated, while his doctor, the lawyer and a theatre performer believe that it is not something that should be kept in public due to its carnal appearance.


The narrative moves from one character to the next and the audience follows the sculpture as it moves from person to person and in a way, it becomes the protagonist of the story. The action takes place in a variety of places, including a physician's office, a lawyer's office and a theatre.


The comical parts occur when the potential recipients of the sculpture react when they see it for the first time, being shocked by the way it looks, admiring it a bit but ultimately deciding that it is not to their liking. The performances are quite enjoyable and one of the highlights of the film.


Another highlight is the wonderful classical music that is heard throughout, which makes the viewing even better. The decision to film in Kodak 16mm provides a sort of gloomy look.


To summarise, this is an interesting and comical story that revolves around the idea that art is in the eye of the beholder. It is an amusing and thoughtful viewing that deserves recognition.

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