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Charlie Tango

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 29, 2023

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Charlie Tango
Directed by:
Simon Boisvert
Written by:
Simon Boisvert
David La Haye, Stacie Mistysyn, Bruce Dinsmore, Diana Lewis, Genevieve St Louis

A couple find their lives caught in the illegal actions of a dishonest real estate investor.


Following a devastating airplane collision, Kim (Mistysyn) is suspended from her job as an air traffic controller, while an investigation is undertaken. As her life proceeds to go downhill, she persuades her husband Jeff (Dinsmore), a police officer, to make an investment at a property business that is owned by Charlie (La Haye), with whom Kim is having an affair. Kim eventually finds out that Charlie is involved in illegitimate schemes and collaborates with Jeff in order to bring an end to this.


This interesting feature works as a drama thriller whose plot primarily revolves around the character of Charlie, a double-faced and manipulative real estate entrepreneur who convinces the unfortunate couple to invest in one of his projects, setting a trap for that might ruin their lives. The majority of the screenplay focuses on Kim and Jeff's efforts to escape Charlie's plan, while he tries to remain on top of things and hide the truth from his wife Wanda (St Louis). The plane crash investigation works as a sort of subplot, with Kim's negligence considered to be the cause of it. Although the story is intriguing, with good plot twists, some might find the pace a bit slow.


Looking at the characters, it is Charlie who stands out the most, a deceitful guy and a womaniser who is basically the antagonist. Jeff comes across as an honest individual and one for the audience to root for, however the same could not be said for Kim, who cheats on him and does not seem to feel remorse over the victims of the mid-air collision. Another character worth mentioning is Tonya (Lewis), an awkward woman with a toy cat, who is an acquaintance of Charlie's and stands out due to her behaviour.


Going to the technical, commendations go to Alexandre Bussiere for the beautiful cinematography and Oliver Palotai deserves recognition for the dramatic and atmospheric music that frequently includes piano melodies.


Aside from being a thriller about fraud and the aftermath of a fatal accident, this film is also a drama about adultery and a commentary about corruption in the property business. It is an intriguing viewing, with a suspenseful plot, well-written characters and a strong performance by Mistysyn.

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