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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 13, 2024

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Lars B. Frahm
Written by:
Per Ankjaer
Per Ankjaer, Soren Bregendal, Patrick Kweku Quansah Kvaerno, Katinka Kamp Moth-Poulsen

An actor is chosen for a role that he is not particularly happy to play.


Things seem to be looking up for Jacob's (Ankjaer) acting career. He has been offered to star in a film as a centaur. He prepares for the role in his apartment (much to the annoyance of his neighbour) and the day finally comes for him to play the role. However, when he arrives at the studio, he is informed that his role is actually separated: an actor named Keiser (Kvaerno) will play the front part of the centaur, while Jacob will be the back part.


A rather amusing short comedy from Denmark about a simple guy who finds himself in an awkward and embarrassing situation. Poor Jacob reluctantly plays the part of the back half of the mythical creature, covered by the costume and clearly unhappy. To make things worse, the director (Bregendal) and the cast and crew appear unconcerned regarding the actor's uncomfortable position and even mock him. Jacob swallows his pride and puts up with everything, making the viewer feel sorry for him.


What messages are there in this story? An obvious one is how cruel and inconsiderate people can be. Another is that some individuals are prepared to suffer in order to get by. Another one would be that someone has to do the worst jobs and that their work is not always appreciated.


The opening and closing credits should be pointed out, due to the fact that they are accompanied by a background that contains what appears to be blood splatters. Although the creativity is to be congratulated, it feels odd to open and close the film with images that would probably be more suitable for a horror story.


Composer Jonas Sorensen develops an interesting score that includes drumming and commendations go to costume designer Karina Seidelin Jensen for the elf, minotaur and centaur outfits.


This short follows a man in an embarrassing situation, unsupported by his co-workers. It is a fun ride, yet one that seems to carry serious messages regarding people's tendency to ignore the misfortunes of others instead of helping them.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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