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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Dec 28, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Ross McGowan
Written by:
Andren Heard
David Hepburn, Deborah Kearne

The director Ross McGowan and the writer Andren Heard use a slice of life-a storytelling technic that depicts and incorporates various life lessons into the script that needs to be reminded regularly to the audience via the two protagonists David Hepburn and Deborah Kearne.


The plot revolves around a middle-aged man who needs love in his life, but he’s too fussy in search of a wife. The arrival of a mysterious package turns his world upside down.


The poetic narration by Jane Perry of the short film gives the storyline an enthusiastic/positive vibe to it making the audience hooked to the content from the very start. In the opening scene, the camera pans to the male lead with a low angle going up to introduce the character to maintain a sense of suspense all through the running minutes of the dramatic piece. The close-up shots are effectively utilised to showcase the emotions experienced by the main lead. The set-design, colour tone, lighting, dialogue, costume, hair, and makeup has been kept natural so that the narrative appeals to the viewers and also complements the subject matter the creative piece deals with.


Jane Perry narrates the modern fairy-tale called Byte an original concept that provides an uplift in terms of mood when the sad shallow man receives a special yet strange gift. Perry’s voice modulation assists the viewers to understand as well as enjoy the film entirely. She also provides the audience with a sense of being involved and an emotional connection the film demands.

David Hepburn plays the male protagonist who is in search of love and a life partner to share his life with for a long time. Hepburn brilliantly portrays the emotional outbursts, social insecurities, a struggle of fitting in as an middle age man who has to bear because of the innumerable rules set up by society.

Deborah Kearne plays the role of the female lead. She is in love with her male counterpart unconditionally and wishes for a happily ever after with him. Kearne works on her voice modulation, body-language to perfectly fit into what the writer and director have visualized her character to be. The actress provides a sense of realism therefore the audience relates to it.


The short film Byte talks to its audience about taking responsibility for repairing their lives to discover the best version of themselves so that in the long run they can positively affect the lives of loved ones. The comedy movie reiterates the fact that one shouldn’t be judgemental regarding the faults of other people while being imperfect. The cinematic piece teaches us that sometimes taking a risk in life is worth it because there can be an unexpected pleasant surprise that one would be missing out on. Byte discusses life allows us to continuously learn and improve ourselves and ensure growth as change is the only constant.

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