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Breaking Infinity

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 22, 2022

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Breaking Infinity
Directed by:
Marianna Dean
Written by:
David Trotti
Neil Bishop, Zoe Cunningham, Martin Bishop, Zed Josef, Jonny Phillips

A science fiction feature about time travel and the end of the world.


Following a near-fatal accident, Liam (Neil Bishop) has found himself in a research facility, with no memory of what happened and does not even seem to remember who he is. Somehow, he unwillingly and repeatedly travels through time, meeting the same characters at different time periods. All this has something to do with a device that can interact with time. As he continues his time travel journeys, he meets a mysterious elderly man (Martin Bishop) in the countryside and has terrifying visions about an explosion that ends the world. Liam must find out what is going on and save the planet from destruction.


This is a time travel sci-fi mystery thriller that puts the viewer in the shoes of a time traveller who starts of knowing close to nothing about what is happening or who he is. As the story progresses, he meets more characters, including Emma (Cunningham), a doctor, Garret (Josef), a scientist and friend of Liam and Carter (Phillips), a man who holds an influential position and is involved in the time travel project. Liam learns more and more about what is taking place by picking up clues here and there while journeying through time and he develops a romance with Emma. Almost the entire story takes place inside the facility, with Liam covered in cuts and bandages, wearing a medical gown and interacting mostly with Emma or Garret, who are dressed in lab coats.


Neil Bishop leads the film well as the main character who travels through time, has issues with his memory and ends up being on a mission to save the world. Cunningham is sympathetic as a caring person who becomes Liam's romantic interest. Phillips's character could be described as the antagonist, a person who prioritises goals over people's wellbeing. Then there is Martin Bishop, who plays a sort of wise man who knows what is going on. Generally, the acting is strong.


Visually, the movie looks great thanks to Vince Knight's terrific cinematography and Stephen Hedley is quite creative with the editing and makes outstanding montages. There are some rather cool electricity effects and impressive CGI sequences involving space. The music by Christoph Allerstorfer is interesting and full of excitement and the sound effects are superb.


Is this film enjoyable? The script effectively utilises a time travel narrative in order to tell a story. It is not an action-packed adventure, but rather a sci-fi mystery romantic drama that relies primarily on dialogue in order to get the show moving. The pace feels slow at times and the screenplay has a lot of repetition, with scenes that are almost identical appearing again and again. Fans of time travel movies might be the best audience for this feature.

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