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Boomslang 3: Your Future

average rating is 4 out of 5


Patrick Foley


Posted on:

Oct 17, 2022

Film Reviews
Boomslang 3: Your Future
Directed by:
Justin Schwan
Written by:
Allen Osborne
Ryan Vincent, Trisha Rae Stahl, John Waters

In the latest entry in the ‘Boomslang’ series, director Justin Schwan and writer Allen Osborne’s titular serial killer returns in Boomslang 3: Your Future, a fine addition that matches the quirky, surrealist dark comedy which its predecessors successfully established.


Fresh from his latest murder, Erik Boomslang (Ryan Vincent) takes refuge in the abode of fortune teller June (Trisha Rae Stahl). Sceptical of her methods, Boomslang humours June – who, with help from her assistant Ali (Irving Green), does her best to conjure up supernatural projections and predictions. Boomslang is not impressed, until a chance phone call leaves him feeling like he has seen a ghost…


The Boomslang series’ penchant for quick wit and bold, memorable characters has led to considerable acclaim, and the third entry Your Future is more of the successful same. The short film is colourful, full of life and features genuine laughs making it a joyous watch – even with comically dark overtones. By continuing to place the protagonist in increasingly absurd situations, Schwan and Osborne have established a winning formula for inventive comedy.


Ryan Vincent excels again as the suave serial killing titular character, clearly enjoying his repeated opportunities to don Boomslang’s stylish, yet blood-covered white suits. Despite his extravagance, he practically plays the straight man to an even more absurd duo in June and Ali, who deliver some hilarious one-liners and physical comedy courtesy of Trisha Rae Stahl and Irving Green. Their chemistry in particular shines as the pair try to continue their ruse in the face of a disbeliever. Black comedy can often be difficult to execute (pun intended), but by jam-packing the rest of the cast with character and outrageousness, Boomslang’s disturbing pastime can be the subject of comedy rather than being off-putting to the viewer.


Not every gag lands, particularly in the opening segment with Stahl and Mari Muscio’s Ms. Bailey which feels like only an average effort at establishing June’s deceptive nature. The film’s tension arrives when Boomslang does – as does the best of its humour. His combative and snarky approach to fortune telling results in some fine back and forth, impressive seeing as how such critiques of the practice are well-covered territory. Schwan’s direction shines in these moments – with cuts back and forth between two delusional characters trying to out-deceive one another making for an amusing dynamic between two larger-than-life characters.


Boomslang 3: Your Future impressively shows that there is no sign of decline in the series despite its status as the third entry. Audiences will sense the passion that is poured into the short by its cast and creators, which will hook them along for an unusual and original ride.

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