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Board Games Pitch

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Chris Buick


Posted on:

Dec 7, 2023

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Board Games Pitch
Directed by:
Adam Boland
Written by:
Adam Boland
Dion Kelly, Adam Rooney, Aaron Medd

Sixbananasinaknot productions are back with another surreal offering of pop-culture jabs and abstract humour with their pitch video for a new kind of board game that challenges its players to compete in a trio of dangerous and terrifying tasks including knife throwing, Wordle and France.


Board Games Pitch, once again written and directed by Adam Boland, follows on from the team's debut Guide to Country Roads, a film that itself is also quite enjoyable if a bit rough. Thankfully Board Games Pitch has a lot of the same strengths and lovable qualities as its predecessor did, but also encouragingly shows that some more attention has been paid in order to smooth out some of the rougher edges of production.


However, it’s still not quite there yet. Board Games Pitch is still rough, some of those audio issues that slightly hampered Guide to... are still present here as well as one or two moments where bright lighting becomes a distraction. But things definitely have improved since then, things look sharper, cleaner and more focused, clear signs of a team working on honing and perfecting their craft and willing to try new and interesting things.


And those things can ultimately be given a pass as restraints on equipment and budgets need to of course be considered. Importantly what they have nailed once again is both the spirit of the film and its entertainment value. Once again, Boland's writing here has that brilliant edge and wit that seems to just infuse anything this team puts out, creating a film that is playfully tongue in cheek and tasks itself with the simple goal of entertaining and putting a smile on your face with its illogical but indelible humour. Once again, the presentation of everything fully embodies the premise where this threesome of foolish characters fully believe they have the next big idea, with some precise editing helping to keep the film bouncing along at a nice pace and really give it that pompous boardroom pitch vibe and also, once again, the cast of Kelly, Rooney and Medd are the ones making it all come together, fully committing to every moment of silliness and clearly loving every second of it.


Always imaginative and always dependable to offer something a bit different, these are films where the humour is certainly a bit taste specific, but unequivocally made with love by a team only concerned with doing everything on their terms and having a good time.

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