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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Mar 24, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Craig Sinclair
Written by:
Craig Sinclair
Chris Jenkins, Frankie Gold, Izzie Major

A dark comedy fantasy set during the Middle Ages, about an unfortunate farmer who ends up with an incurable hiccup problem.


Francis (Jenkins) is a farmer who lives with his wife Anne (Gold) in the countryside. One day, while walking in the forest, he has a terrifying encounter with a sinister entity called Mother Goose (Major) and develops continuous hiccups as a result. From there, the story follows him as he tries to cope with his extraordinary condition and how his problem affects those around him.


This short is an enjoyable period comedy with an intriguing plot, although it is probably not for everyone, as it contains adult and toilet humour. The main focus is poor Francis and his efforts in dealing with his hiccups. Needless to mention, there is a great deal of hiccuping throughout and awkward situations, including some that involve vomiting. The atmosphere feels comical and surreal and there are quite a few bizarre characters, including the ghoulish Mother Goose, who is arguably the one who stands out the most.


As the main character, Jenkins leads the film well as a simple man who goes through rather challenging times. His over-the-top performance is amusing and he never runs out of steam. The rest of the cast do a decent job in being comedic, including Gold as the housewife. Special mention goes to Major, who is an exception as the demonic entity.


The mise-en-scene is quite interesting, with the clothing looking appropriate for that era. Particular praise goes to the appearance of Goose, which is rather hair-raising.


The editing utilises dissolve techniques effectively and there is good use of slow motion. Ben Fair makes a significant contribution with the music and as a result the viewing experience more appealing. Credit also goes to the stylised letters during the opening and closing credits.


This supernatural period comedy is likely to provide a fun time to viewers who enjoy dirty humour, fairy tales and do not mind hearing the sound of hiccups often.

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