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Blank Shores

average rating is 4 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

May 18, 2022

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Blank Shores
Directed by:
Alex Kyrou
Written by:
Alex Kyrou
Georgina Campbell, James Farrar, Gary Beadle

The title of the short film-Blank shores signifies the emptiness in the lives of the lead couple Emily (Georgina Campbell) and Connor (James Farrar). The writer-director Alex Kyrou explores the concept of the ability to deal with bad memories. The genre of Sci-Fi/ drama is apt for the key message Kyrou is trying to deliver with the narrative of the movie.


The plot of this cinematic piece revolves around a woman's journey to the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of her partner takes her to a world far removed from her own.


The DOP Benjamin Wearing uses the extreme close-up of the protagonist and mid-shots of the investigation to instill a sense of both nervousness and urgency in the minds of the audience thus hooking them on to the storyline right from the beginning of the creative piece. The bluish black colour palette, background music, and dialogues, voice modulation during the telephonic conversations, costume, and makeup adds the much-needed elements of thrill, suspense, and mystery to ensure the smooth movement of the story. The well-written dream sequences included in the film help the viewers to delve into the mental makeup of the central characters and hence they can emotionally connect with the content of the film.


In terms of performance, Georgina Campbell plays the role of Emily. Campbell portrays the emotional trauma Emily is going through so effortlessly. The actress has a very expressive eye which gives her the power of getting the viewers involved with the scenes that are heavy on emotions. Georgina Campbell showcases Emily's strong side as she prepares herself to fight for getting back to some kind of normalcy in her life. She has also depicted that women can be both strong and emotional at the same time if the situation demands.

James Farrar as Connor is a good choice by the casting director Heather Basten CDG. Farrar showcases the physical as well as mental struggle and pain Connor is experiencing due to their past but he is unable to express the same to Emily.

Gary Beadle is Lenny who becomes a medium for people who are tired of life and want to find peace within self. Beadle with his strong screen presence makes the viewers believe in the subject matter the makers want to reiterate with the climax of the film. The emotional support Lenny renders to Emily so that she can achieve her dramatic need builds the foundation on which the film can depend upon to shine among its audience.


Blank shores experiments with the idea of utilizing technology as a tool to look for solutions for various issues in life. It tells the audience to be open to discussing mental health with a primary focus on men and also the grievances of losing a child. The short film pinpoints the importance connecting with the inner self and finding peace and happiness for a more contented life in the future. The movie Blank shores teach us to accept and come to terms with what destiny has planned or continuing fighting the same can be detrimental to everyone around us as well.

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Swati Verma
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