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Ben & Lacy

average rating is 4 out of 5


Chris Buick


Posted on:

Jul 13, 2023

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Ben & Lacy
Directed by:
Michael Shacket
Written by:
Michael Shacket
Michael Shacket, Morgan Overley

Imagine you had documented and could look back at all the moments throughout a relationship, remembering all the good times but also analysing where it all went wrong when it was at its lowest?


In Ben & Lacy, Ben (Shacket) is gifted a camera as a graduation gift, and with it decides to start to documenting his daily life and inner monologues. One day while vlogging at work, Ben reconnects with Lacy (Overley), an old classmate from high school. Through their self-shot camera footage, we get to see them reconnect and fall in love but also go through all the many trials and tribulations of romance.


Writing, directing and starring, Shacket takes on a lot here, but demonstrating very considerable talents as a filmmaker in each. The “vlog” camera delivery of the film is an interesting concept and for the most part executed pretty well. Despite the film running at just shy of two hours, its paced well enough that this idea thankfully doesn't become a gimmick or noticeably lose its effectiveness before the end.


Sure, there might be some moments where the camera set up doesn't make complete narrative sense (do they always leave the camera on when they're sleeping?). But ultimately it allows the viewer a much more intimate window to peer through in order to watch this relationship develop, from the charming highs and infinite possibilities of new love all the way through to when the real world comes crashing in after the honeymoon period and the itches of the relationship start to show, both Ben and Lacy’s insecurities and neuroses are all laid bare here with nowhere to hide, a story we’ve might have seen before but delivered like this, it feel distinctive.


It runs the gamut of emotions as well; funny, sad, sweet, angering, it manages them all and it allows the story to have a good ebb and flow not just in the narrative, but the performances as well. A film like this can only work if the relationship being observed is worth the time, and luckily, due to a well-written script and two very solid performances from Shacket and Overley, we are almost always invested. It's not necessarily that you root for them, one might seriously question throughout whether they are right for each other at all, but it’s the captivating drama of two young and perhaps naïve lovers that keeps you hooked, and the dynamic between the two leads is key in selling that. Some of the drama does unfold as feeling either a bit scripted or overplayed rather than natural at times, especially in the film's explosive midway scene where both actors are giving it their all but jumping off the scale just a bit, but for the most part it does manage to strike a good balance, Overley’s delivery in the more Lacy centred second half being a particular highlight not to mention a super-sweet third act that caps everything off quite nicely.


Tightly written and performed, Ben & Lacy offers an enjoyable tale of young love that is sure to stir something in even the most stoic.


Ben and Lacy is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video.

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Chris Buick
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