Swati Verma


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12 Oct 2021

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The storyline of the short film follows Beatnik (You Tuber) into the woods. The camera is continuously tracking him as he keeps walking in the deep forest. He even goes to the restricted area to explore.


The cinematography department has done a brilliant job and managed to keep its audience hooked to their seats throughout the movie. The film opens with a long shot of the natural vegetation and, birds chirping. The calmness indicates that something big is going to happen. The close-up of the barbed wire, wild fruit and the dense jungle passage intensify the scary feelings in the viewers.


The director of the short film has used the eerie sound and a loud thud. It is an attempt to keep the effect of a horror genre intact and not appear made up. The music intensifies suddenly when the camera focuses on a den like structure made out of branches. It signifies the presence of a wild creature in the woods. The camera transitions into a mixture of white, black and red lights. The audience gets to hear weird animal sounds and, the man continues to moan in the background. In the very next scene, he growls at the screen with wide eyes. The artist in the film struggles and slowly loses control of him.


The makers of the short film have kept the interpretation of the cinematic piece open to analysis for the masses. It does not attempt to keep the thought process of any individual in a particular frame.


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