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Swati Verma


Posted on:

May 26, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Shehroze Khan
Written by:
Shehroze Khan
Reda Elazauar, Georgina Seville, Johnny D Sepenna

The writer-director Shehroze Khan narrates the tale of the protagonist (Johnny D Spenna) who is stuck between the mind and the heart. The audience can relate to the subject matter of the film. The script written by Khan is very gripping and thus keeps the viewers hooked on the content up until the end of the movie.


The plot of the Short film AZ takes the audience on a surrealistic psychological journey through the salvation of a man, his past, and the repercussions of his deepest regrets.


The camera pans out to capture the surreal vibes, natural beauty, and peacefulness of the location of the cinematic piece. The colour palette, lighting, music, costume, makeup, blood, and weapons complement the genre of a psychological thriller. The cinematographer Shaun Waldie utilizes the mid, close-up, and extreme close up shots that help bring out the deeply disturbed state of Cay which increases the realism element in the creative piece. The small nightmares are very well written to help the viewers delve into Cay's past and eagerly wait for the climax to unfold. The contrast created by the filmmaker between good and evil also communicates a very crucial message for its target audience.


In terms of performance, Reda Elazauar plays the role of AZ (Antagonist). He is ready to go to any extent to fulfill the dramatic need of AZ in the film. Elazauar picks up the nuances of the character with the help of body language, facial expressions, and mastering the evil laugh. Reda Elazauar portrays the multiple layers perfectly from calm to increasing the intensity gradually so that the viewers get scared of AZ as the story moves ahead.

Georgina Seville as Lulu (Cay's wife) is a very caring and loving wife and she would never hope for any bad things to happen to his dear husband. Lulu is the sole reason for Cay's existence. Seville portrays Lulu with utmost sensitivity and love that the audience also gets emotionally attached to Lulu and appreciates the relationship Lulu and Cay share.

Johnny D Spenna plays Cay (Protagonist) of the film. He is continuously battling with physical and emotional issues alone with no one to share them with. Johnny D Spenna is an apt casting choice for the part. Spenna depicts the emotional trauma with complete honesty and gets support from the viewer who wants him to cross all the hurdles and become strong for every situation in life.


The Short Film-AZ highlights the importance of physical as well as emotional health. It tells the audience about being strong willed and choosing the right path for oneself which would prove to be beneficial in both the long term as well as short term. The movie also talks to us that if choosing the heart is a happier option so please do so without worrying about the consequences or regrets. It becomes essential to keep a check on the mind and heart and not strike a balance between the two while making any decisions in life.

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Swati Verma
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