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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Jul 20, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Pankaj Khanchandani
Written by:
Pankaj Khanchandani
Rakesh Ankalkoti, Madhura Tapre, Promod Kale

The writer-director Pankaj Khanchandani is an independent filmmaker who wants to highlight the change in dynamics of any relationship because of the lack of communication. Khanchandani has written an intricate script and talented actors like Rakesh Ankalkoti, Madhura Tapre and Promod Kale have managed to give life to the director’s imagination.


The plot of Avaak (Unsaid) revolves around Suraj (Rakesh Ankalkoti) who wants to move to a different city for better career opportunities his mother Sheela does not want him to go but he leaves without seeking his mother’s permission creating an irreparable impact on their lives forever.


The film opens with a long shot of a house with dim lighting where Suraj is shown leaving the house in the present followed by Avaak going back to a series of flashbacks to establish the subject matter of the movie. The carefully written day-to-day conversations between all the characters in the dramatic piece increase the degree of audience engagement with the content making it real and relatable. The white and black colour palette dim lighting, rustic set design, dialogues, sound, costume, hair, makeup, and props are kept natural to complement the mood of Avaak (Unsaid) so that it emotionally appeals to the audience.


In terms of performance, Rakesh Ankalkoti plays Suraj who is a loving and responsible son to his parents with his own set of dreams relating to his career. The young actor showcases the struggle of Suraj when is in the dilemma of choosing his priorities or the professional dream. Ankalkoti understands the nuances of different situations in the screenplay and modifies his acting skills according to what is required of him.

Madhura Tapre plays the role of the mother in the film. Tapre portrays various shades of her character efficiently as well as effectively right from emotional to angry. The senior actress transitions from one timeline to another in Avaak ensuring the presence of the continuity factor.

Promod Kale as the loving and supportive father is a treat to watch all through the running time of the film. Kale as an actor brings the stability to the household that makes the backbone of Avaak. Kale illustrates all the qualities of an ideal father and inspires the audience with his screen time in the film.


Avaak (Unsaid) talks about the role of communication in shaping any relationship, not being expressive can be detrimental to the equation between people in the future. The short film reiterates the need to fill the gap between two generations to better understand each other and work towards a lifestyle in which they can coexist happily. The cinematic piece restates the importance of maintaining their individuality as a person because one cannot fullfil any responsibilities when he or she isn’t confident and happy in their life. The creative piece also highlights the various insecurities an elderly couple face and their dependence on their offspring increases with time. Avaak also tells the audience about the significance of spending the maximum time with parents before it is too late and the only option left is to regret later.

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