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An Avocado Pit

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 28, 2023

Film Reviews
An Avocado Pit
Directed by:
Ary Zara
Written by:
Ary Zara
Gaya de Medeiros, Ivo Canelas

A transgender woman meets a cisgender man and develops a rapport with him.


Larissa (Medeiros) works as a trans sex worker on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal. One night, she is told by other transgender prostitutes that they noticed a parked car nearby, where the driver has been observing them, without approaching. Curious, she decides to find out what he is up to. She enters his car without his permission and manages to persuade him to give her a lift. The man's name is Claudio (Canelas) and as the two of them spend time together, what started out as an awkward encounter develops into something meaningful.


This short drama from Portugal tells a thoughtful story about a chance meeting between two seemingly different individuals that turns into a sort of bond with friendship and understanding. Initially, Claudio is hesitant about having anything to do with Larissa, however she flirts with him and he warms up towards her (as does she) and together, they wonder around the city, get something to eat, have a few laughs and talk about things related to transgender people. The two of them get quite comfortable and honest with each other and their encounter might be the beginning of an unexpected romance...or not.


Larissa is a person who knows who she is and is content with life and has an optimistic attitude. Claudio, on the other hand, appears to be unsure about himself, particularly his sexuality, as he states that he finds transgender people interesting, yet he is not a homosexual. Meeting Larissa seems to have helped him learn more about himself. It is his journey of self-reflection that moves the narrative forward.


The film looks beautiful and that is predominantly thanks to the cinematography by Leandro Ferrao. Regarding the audio, there is atmospheric music and good selection of songs.


This short has great acting, two interesting main characters and a script that follows two individuals who meet for the first time and develop something special between them. In offers an insight into the world of transgender people and serves as a commentary about sexual identity, self-discovery and companionship. It is a thought-provoking story about an accidental encounter that becomes much more than that.

About the Film Critic
Jason Knight
Jason Knight
Short Film, World Cinema, LGBTQ+
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