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All Inclusive

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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 25, 2023

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All Inclusive
Directed by:
Duvan Duque Vargas
Written by:
Duvan Duque Vargas
Maximiliano Rojas, Alejandra Herrera, Leopoldo Serrano

A family of three goes to a resort for leisure and business. However, things do not turn out as they hoped.


Fernando (Serrano) arrives at a retreat near Bogota, Colombia with the intention of relaxing, spending time with his family and doing a bit of business. Accompanying him are his wife, Natalia (Herrera) and young son, Fer (Rojas). Once they settle in, they have fun with fellow guests and business associates, with whom Fernando tries to collaborate professionally. However, there is trouble behind closed doors as things between Natalia and Fernando are not good and it is taking its toll on their child.


This short drama explores the life of a dysfunctional family while they are on holiday. The film starts with a scene of happiness, with the family in the car, en route to the resort, cheerfully singing along to a song on the radio. It is when they are in their private rooms that the arguing begins. As time passes, they socialise and attempt to maintain a positive image, still, things get even worse when Fernando makes connections with shady people.


The performances are great and the characters' struggles are the main subject of the narrative. Fernando is a man who loves his family, but has a bad temper and makes careless decisions. Natalia is a gentle person who falls victim to her partner's actions and Fer suffers because of the family issues and significant emphasis is placed on his perspective.


Regarding the technical side of things, the stunning cinematography by Konstantinos Koukoulios deserves many commendations and it is one of the film's strongest aspects.


This is a story about an unstable family, about personal struggles and it explores family values. It is an emotional viewing with dramatic scenes and a plot in which the heroes go downhill, yet there are glimpses of hope.

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Jason Knight
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