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Abandon Fear

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Jan 17, 2023

Film Reviews
Abandon Fear
Directed by:
Craig Foggo
Written by:
Craig Foggo
Matthew Spurgeon, Fraser Provan

The writer-director Craig Foggo introduces the audience to his creative imagination where Earth’s civilization is all set to collapse and the two protagonists Janice (Matthew Spurgeon) and Jackie(Fraser Provan) try to combat various issues with their survival skills.


The plot of the short film-Abandon Fear revolves around a great war and what the world has turned into. In this new world, there is a hooded character who likes to test for fear to survive. He goes by the name of Janice with his companion Jackie and the group. He will only test those who pick up his gas mask.


Abandon Fear follows a nonlinear narrative to build up the tension, mystery, thrill, and suspense that assists the filmmaker to hook the viewers with the content of the movie. The dramatic piece opens with a radio message followed by the long shot of the two people talking and the desaturated colour pallet establishes what the film deals with. The set design, lighting, dialogues, costume, hair and makeup, and props compliment the subject matter and elevate the sense of responsibility towards our loved ones and our motherland. The darkness, grey quiet environment symbolises the hardships experienced by the soldiers utilised by the cinematographer Connor Beggs to add realism to the storyline and therefore make it relatable for the audience.


In terms of performance, Matthew Spurgeon plays Janice and proves to be an asset to his team and the group he leads. Spurgeon understands the nuances of his character. The love respect and dedication towards his duties are visible in his body language, voice modulation, and conversations.

Fraser Provan plays the role of Jackie a true friend to Janice who helps to work efficiently on his goal of abandoning fear. Provan with his comic timing ensures that the viewers don’t lose interest in such an intense topic. The actor beautifully executes all the punch lines with the help of eyes and facial expressions.


Abandon Fear stands true to the theory of the survival of the fittest. The short film talks about the need of being fearless if one wants to fight as well as survive through difficult times. The cinematic piece reiterates the importance of staying together and protecting each other every time any emergency arises. The movie tells us that life also puts those people to varied tests who can emerge victorious and be ready for the next challenge. The creative piece discusses how crucial it becomes to defend the place one lives in searching for peace and normalcy in the hope of a better future for everyone. Abandon Fear highlights what affect a war circumstance can have on the children who are forced to live in it for the long term.


I want to appreciate Craig Foggo and his team who delivers a key message that life can be unpredictable and we shouldn’t take anything for granted and be grateful to god as well as be prepared at all times.

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