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Julian Gaskell

Who'd have thought I'd end up on here as a writer? Certainly not my nan but I feel hugely honoured and privileged to be here passing judgement on far better creative and talented people than I, mostly;)

Like a lot of people born post-70s I grew up watching TV, which meant watching whatever films were on terrestrial. This meant I grew up with an addiction to John Ford films although I never knew who he was until my late 20s. Then with the advent of VHS videotapes, I got the opportunity to watch my favourite films over and over again without having to wait for the repeats. Haven't times changed?

You'll be glad to know my tastes have moved on since then and I now have pretensions towards more cerebral indie international films just with less chance of enjoying them, but you never know when you might stumble across a classic...

Julian Gaskell
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