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Two's A Crowd

average rating is 5 out of 5


Amber Jackson


Posted on:

Mar 6, 2023

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Two's A Crowd
Directed by:
Andy Burse, Angus Castle-Doughty
Written by:
Angus Castle-Doughty
Hugo Speer, Angus Castle-Doughty, Shaparak Khorsandi

Two’s A Crowd is a comedic short film that explores a day in the life of two struggling actors whose paths unexpectedly cross one day in London. They are the polar opposite of each other in terms of personality, and yet when their days collide at a terrible audition, their skills are tested like never before. With the action of the short taking place in London, these two characters portray the bleak and bitter reality of struggling actors tackling the audition process, but with plenty of hilarious twists. This is a really well constructed and filmed short created and acted by Andy Burse and Angus Castle-Doughty that captures the hard-hitting, yet often hilarious, realities of actors hoping for their next job opportunity.


The camera follows the action very well throughout the film and conveys a very real sense of the streets of London. Already praised online for its accuracy, it is not hard to see why with plenty of laugh out loud moments filling the screen. Although some scenes feel as though they have been created for comedic effect, they also seem very true to life at the same time, which make for fun viewing. Andy Burse and Angus Castle-Doughty ultimately have fantastic and compelling chemistry as they work exceptionally well together to portray two actors who are characteristically polar opposites. Their ability to show a real life situation for actors auditioning for jobs is brilliant, as they portray how gruelling the process can be.


These actors are tired and tortured, but their experience of this unexpected union leads to interesting - if not strange - consequences for the both of them. Uncomfortable moments that feel as though they are drawn from real life extend onto the screen and capture the true idiocy that actors could hypothetically experience during this process. As both men struggle to contend with the expectations of producers and directors they meet, they also convey relationships between other actors and the challenges that this presents, as both characters display how both their personal and industry judgements inform their relationships. These moments transcend across this twenty-minute short film and do very well to convey how difficult it can be to feel motivated and work in a job that handles plenty of rejection.


Every actor in this film gives an excellently eccentric performance, with plenty of excellent timing and quick-witted dialogue moments filling the script. Additionally, there is a fun voice over from a phone call from an agent which sounds awfully like a Pam Ferris cameo and she is in fact in the credits as casting agent ‘Sherry’. That is just one of many bizarre and wonderful ongoing things that viewers can expect to enjoy during this short film. With lines such as “you must be the only actor in the world to get sacked from the panto!” feeling incredibly off-the-cuff and based in truth, this is a film that is worth watching for a hearty laugh.


Two’s A Crowd is fed up and bitter about a challenging industry, but in a way it is also a love letter to it.

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Amber Jackson
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