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The Soldier's Post

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jun 28, 2022

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The Soldier's Post
Directed by:
Joseph Archer, Jack Archer
Written by:
Jack Archer
Christopher Mulvin, Charlie Heptinstall, Luke Hunter

As the time to attack draws near, three soldiers have a dispute regarding their lives.


With their third short fillm, the Archer brothers bring to life a dramatic story about war, love, homesickness, self-discovery, courage, homosexuality, cruelty and selfishness.


It is World War I and three British soldiers are at the trenches during night-time, waiting for the next day, when they will engage the enemy. These soldiers are Thomas (Mulvin), Henry (Heptinstall) and Edward (Hunter). Thomas is upset because he has not been receiving letters from his wife. Henry is cold and ignorant towards Thomas's troubles and accuses Edward of being a homosexual. What follows is heavy drama, confrontations and revelations that will lead to a tense conclusion.


This short is a war drama that utilises emotions instead of guns and bombs for its battle scenes. It is a character study with a plot that focuses on three servicemen, who are in a position where they might die soon. Thomas longs to be with his beloved wife and Edward is the most vulnerable one and has strong feelings for Thomas. The two of them support each other and Henry is by himself. Henry is a despicable person, with total disregard for human life, who shows no respect towards either of his two comrades. He could be viewed as the antagonist of the story and both Thomas and Edward side against him.


The mise-en-scene is quite atmospheric. Thanks to effective lighting and great cinematography by Robert Loud, the film recreates a darkened environment in the trenches, with soldiers awaiting combat and the uniforms look superb.


Composer Michael Boga develops a dramatic and powerful score that is added during the third act, significantly assisting to the build-up to the culmination.


All three protagonists are very convincing in their role as soldiers who are in the same situation and yet have many differences between them.


This is a powerful story that explores the effects of war on people, how cruel some individuals can be and how understanding and supporting each other can bring hope and strength. With strong acting, an intriguing plot and well-written dialogue, this short is an admirable achievement.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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