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Lova's Game

average rating is 4 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Feb 13, 2023

Film Reviews
Lova's  Game
Directed by:
Mohammed Elmzaghi
Written by:
Mohammed Elmzaghi
Ronan Colfer , Edwina Rai

The writer-director Mohammed Elmzaghi takes its audience on a journey of the onscreen couple Isaac (Ronan Colfer) and Francesca (Edwina Rai) to showcase the complexities of their relationship, therefore, hooking the viewers with his intricate writing.


The plot of the short film revolves around Dr. Isaac Keiser an English linguistic professor while on a trip to France must decide fate with his younger wild girlfriend Francesca after he learns about the disturbing details of her erotic love affair.


Lova’s Game follows a nonlinear narrative with a few flashbacks intelligently incorporated to switch between the past and present timelines to establish the subject matter of the movie. The combination of white, brown, and black colours utilised in the tone of the film from a brighter outlook with red and yellow gives a sense of dullness, loss of spark, and lack of effort to the audience who wants everything to be back to normal in their lives. The set design, lighting, dialogue, costume, hair, and makeup complement as well as fit the storyline of the dramatic piece as per the demand of changing scenarios in the screenplay. The cinematographer Gabriel Ovelar along with the filmmaker brilliantly portrays the contrast between the two protagonists which assists the viewers in better understanding them and interpreting the movie.


In terms of performance, Ronan Colfer plays Dr. Isaac Keiser who believes in the importance of being well-educated and is a little weak in dealing with emotional issues, Colfer effortlessly manages to bring out the stern personality and minimise the emotions in his demeanour, voice modulation used by the actor complements the need to be less expressive as Keiser.

Edwina Rai plays the role of Francesca who is a hopeless romantic and just wants to be loved and cared for. Rai portrays the multi-layered character with ease. The actress understands the nuances and depicts it in a manner that the audience can easily differentiate between the various shades of her character.


Lova’s Game talks about the need to remember and protect the good and romantic moments which would help in reviving the relationship one does not want to lose out on. The short film tells us that efforts, communication, love, honesty, and trust are five major elements that make up the fuel for any sort of alliance. The cinematic piece reiterates the need for expression and transparency as people cannot continue to stay in a romantic relationship for the sake of it and end up hurting loved ones in the long term. Lova’s Game highlights the significance of the work-life balance and working towards what people value or the only option left would be to regret it in the future. The creative piece also talks about adopting bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol to combat the problems in life and relationships isn’t an apt solution. The film also educates its audience that togetherness should also result in individual development as well as growth leading to a better future for both of them.

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Swati Verma
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