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It's a FRANCO Life

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jun 17, 2023

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It's a FRANCO Life
Directed by:
Damien Brewer
Written by:
Lucie Lutte
Lucie Lutte, Tajah Cleatha-Marie, Christopher Tiero, Micah Drew-Forbes

A young woman introduces her life and her family and prepares for an annual dancing event.


In this short mockumentary, the viewers will have the pleasure of meeting Lola (Lutte), a joyful woman from Hackney, East London, whose parents came to England from Africa. Over the course of approximately twelve minutes she will take the audience on a funny and awkward journey as she engages in a variety of activities that include buying a takeaway (stealing it actually), mourning the loss of her beloved pet, getting ready to go to church with her family and spending time with friends at a park.


One thing that makes this short entertaining are the characters, primarily Lola, a friendly and sweet individual who is portrayed by Lutte in a way that makes her rather likeable. And then, there are her relatives, who constantly argue between them and a couple of eccentric characters that Lola encounters throughout the film, which include Crazy Judy (Cleatha-Marie), the religious and wild owner of a takeaway restaurant and a peculiar man who appears while Lola is mourning her pet. Lola often looks into the camera and addresses the audience, talking about her life, her past and her dreams for the future and looks forward to the Francofest, an event that is held annually, where people from all over the world attend in order to dance. The atmosphere is light-hearted and there are awkward situations and humorous moments.


There is some amusing music throughout and the filmmakers make effective use of the split screen technique.


This is a fun story about a young woman's life and the people around her. It is the pilot episode for a potential sitcom, which is definetely good news, as this is an enjoyable ride, with a clever script and comedic performances and a continuation feels promising.

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Jason Knight
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