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I Know I'm Going To Break His Heart

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Aug 4, 2023

Film Reviews
I Know I'm Going To Break His Heart
Directed by:
Ethan McKellar
Written by:
Mckeilla Malabunga
Izzy Hodzic, Timothy Wallerson

The director Ethan McKellar and writer Mckeilla Malabunga come together to build an intricate script utilising poem to express the pain and suffering Grace (Izzy Hodzic) goes through because of her love tale with a man (Timothy Wallerson) that would remain incomplete keeping the audience hooked to the content so that they can explore it further as the storyline unfolds.


The plot of the short film-I Know I’m Going To Break His Heart revolves around the story of two lovers waltzing their way through a delicate and dangerous relationship doomed to fail from the very beginning.


I know I’m Going To Break His Heart takes the form of a nonlinear narration continuously moving between various flashbacks and the present timeline to establish the subject matter it deals with. The film opens with a man in the room getting on with his daily routine while remembering all the special moments with Grace along with the music in the background to uplift the mood and draw comparisons to personal experiences making it real and relatable to life. The set design, lighting, music, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props have been kept natural to complement the elements of romance, dance, and poems.


In terms of performance, Izzy Hodzic plays Grace who dreams of a romantic love story but is marred by all kinds of apprehensions in her head concerning the new relationship. Hodzic understands the nuances of the character sketch of the young girl inspiring many women. The actress portrays a range of emotions that translates efficiently as well as effectively into her body language and voice modulations to communicate key messages the audience needs to receive through this film.

Timothy Wallerson plays the role of the lover of Grace who wants to be more loving and caring towards the love of his life but also respects Grace when she tells him about all her worries. Wallerson depicts the personality traits of an ideal boyfriend and a true gentleman effectively making the audience experience every emotion between the leading onscreen couple.


I Know I’m Going To Break His Heart talks about experiencing love with the right person but at the wrong time and the only option is to move on and remember it as a sweet memory in life. The short film reiterates the importance of staying true to one’s emotions and listening to their heart and expressing feelings for each other is very crucial to be happy. The movie discusses the need to be open and truthful about all the apprehensions and try and make it work instead of pushing each other away just because of fear of commitment or being afraid of losing the person one loves in the long run. The cinematic piece restates the importance of the mental wellbeing of self as well as their loved ones and making the right choice becomes necessary in a given situation when it comes to relationships. The creative piece highlights the significance of creating a balance between emotional intimacy and logic to sustain love stories that mean a lot to the two people involved.

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