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Finding 'Appiness

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jan 10, 2022

Film Reviews
Finding 'Appiness
Directed by:
Natasha Hawthornthwaite
Written by:
Allan Bradbury

A short documentary about the life of an elderly man with a troubled past.


Allan Bradbury is an outgoing, energetic individual in his seventies, who is a counsellor, wears interesting clothing, socialises a great deal and enjoys music. The film explores how he managed to overcome his inner struggles and become a happy person and enjoy life.


Bradbury acts as narrator and talks about himself and reveals dramatic information about his past, including being born in Sussex during the Second World War, growing up with an alcoholic stepfather, being the victim of abuse as a child and going on to develop an addiction to alcohol himself. He would then go on to become a difficult father to his two children and continue to struggle with himself until he finally reached out for help.


Bradbury comes across as a friendly and cheerful person and listening to him talk about his life story is an interesting and emotional experience. It is sad as he talks about the tragic events of his past and the viewer will most likely feel for him. However, there are also uplifting moments of joy, that show that he has managed to overcome his troubles and become a decent person and these include moments of him socialising and laughing with people, attending a photo shoot, playing music and enjoying a birthday party in his honour.


In addition to Bradbury, the audience are also introduced to his daughter, who also provides voice-over as she talks about her father's tough journey. Both are filmed either as they talk into the camera or go about their business. There are also old family photographs of Bradbury and his children that help provide an insight into their past.


There is dramatic music that helps create the right atmosphere and there are also amusing songs that provide uplifting feelings.


This is an inspiring story about a person who went through very traumatic and challenging times and managed to overcome his inner obstacles and find happiness. By viewing this documentary, other people will hopefully be encouraged to come to terms with their own issues and become better people.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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