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Ember's Edge

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Sep 2, 2022

Film Reviews
Ember's Edge
Directed by:
Edgar Alejandro
Written by:
Edgar Alejandro
Edith Bahena, Danielle Chambers , Lance Caver

The maroon font colour used for the title of the feature film has the connotation of passion, ambition, strength, courage, and confidence necessary to combat the various emotions encountered by the two female protagonists Kara (Danielle Chambers) and Leticia (Edith Bahena) while on an outing in the jungle. The name of the movie-Ember's Edge can also signify the act of being pushed to the extreme. The writer-director Edgar Alejandro's ensemble Ember's Edge is a theater show but has the capability of engaging the audiences just like a full-fledged film.


Ember's Edge tells the story of love, trust, and adventure- all put to the test when subjected to an unexplored forest, seeking a treasure that may or may not exist.


The film opens with a long shot of the jungle with a slightly tilted camera angle to instill a sense of thrill and mystery into the minds of the audience in context to the dense forest. The DOP Adriel Roman with a mid-shot, low lighting and an eerie background sound gives the message to its audience to be ready to witness a lot of twists and turns that would keep them hooked throughout the running time of the creative piece. The set design, locations, lighting, dialogues, costume, and makeup has been kept natural to uplift the rawness of the narrative and also add the element of realism and make it relatable for the viewers.


In terms of performance, Edith Bahena plays Leticia (Kara's love interest) who likes to handle things with emotions but the audience gets to watch the nuances of her character which remained uncharted till she was forced out of her comfort zone. The young actress effortlessly portrays the varied shades of her character and demands 100 percent involvement of the audience in the story right from the starting point.

Danielle Chambers as Kara is opposite Leticia. She is the right mix of practical and explorer. Kara always leads herself to the physical and emotional ruckus. Chambers can delve into the mind of Kara and showcase the hassle, and paranoia that the character is experiencing due to her high ambitions.

Lance Caver plays the role of Elijah the villain of the story. Caver illustrates multifaceted Elijah effectively to maintain the thrill, suspense, and mystery of the narrative. The various antics utilized by the actor also highlight the gruesome thinking of his character.


The feature film-Ember's Edge talks about the importance of falling in love and staying faithful to the romance despite all the turbulence experienced in it. The cinematic piece teaches the lesson of togetherness which would help achieve long term goals in life. The thriller reiterates the fact of finding the balance between emotions, determination, and ambition as too much of anything can cause harm that cannot be repaired. The creative piece also tells us that love shouldn’t have a set rule attached to it and people cannot be subjected to judgment because of the choices they make regarding their love life. Ember's Edge advises its viewers not to lose themselves to discover something new with various experimentations in life.

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