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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie review


Directed by: Bryan Spicer

Written by: John Kamps, Arne Olsen

Starring: Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson, Haim Saban and David Yost

Throwback Film Review by: Rachel Pullen


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie review

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie poster
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie poster

Remember the other week when I harped on about being more than a one-trick pony and that I could review more than just horror films, and then accidentally watched Wrong Turn and failed myself? Yeah well, the joke’s on you because I am more than a one-trick pony and demand to be taken seriously as a film critic and that's why in this Throwback Thursday film review we are going to talk about the 1995 hit, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie...insert theme music here.

If you weren't born or were living under a rock in the ‘90s, you may have not heard of the Power Rangers, so to sum it up quickly: they were a group of clean-cut American teens who would fight big robots or creatures, or ninjas, or Africanized bees, in their brightly coloured costumes, and if they had to fight say Godzilla they got in these cool animal-shaped vehicles that ''morphed '' into a robot and fought in the city centre, causing more financial damage than they cared to be accountable for.

So like all popular kid shows, Hollywood came a-knocking, toy companies came screaming, and they eventually made a movie.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie follows our preppy teens as they roller skate in formation around the city and are generally faceless and dull, but they spring into action when some construction workers uncover an egg, which in turn releases Ivan Ooze, a purple gummy like man who is all upset that he was imprisoned by Zordan (the good guy the Power Rangers work for) and so wreaks havoc on the city and Zordan himself.

The Rangers suck against the purple dude so they go on vacation to see this lady, she wears a bikini, we swoon, she gives them power animals so they are stronger and they go back to the city...the best part of this scene is when the black Power Ranger is bummed his power animal is a frog and then the dude next to him get a falcon just to rub salt in the wound, personally, a toad is cool, I mean Hypno Toad from Futurama kicks ass, so swings and roundabouts I guess.

They go back to the city, they fight Ivan Ooze, he and his henchmen get an ass whopping from these teen dreamboats and Zordan is resurrected so that he can continue to befriend teenagers for millions of more years or however old he is....Fin.

Now, I know this is a kid’s movie, and I'm not expecting great works, but the Power Rangers have zero personality. All they can muster up is a few phrases such a ''radical'', and ''way to go dude'', when someone does a kung fu kick...which is all the time, they actually have these poor actors do kung fu moves to just cross from place A to place B when there is any conflict on-screen...jeeze, everyone knows the most terrifying way to approach your enemy is on a golf buggy, some one please get them some colour co-ordinated golf buggies!!

The best part of this movie is Ivan Ooze, he actually has a sense of humour, and dialogue behind him, and coupled with his henchmen, a pig and some kind of warthog in BDSM gear, you get a few good laughs and pop culture references from the gang, in fact, they are the only thing that kept me going in this movie, that and the bikini lady, but she turned into an owl and well...I'm not attracted to owls, wow never thought I would have to say that in a film review.

This movie was designed to sell toys and make kids want to kung fu kick their dads in the balls, and the fact we don't care about the Power Rangers enough to even know their names, but just say the blue one and the red one, speaks volumes to how dull they are on screen, but hey your 7 years old and your favourite colour is blue so you want to be the blue ranger and buy all the merch right? at its best.

As a watch for the kids it’s definitely entertaining enough, and for all you adults out there looking for a trip down memory lane it certainly has some adult jokes from our homeboy Ivan Ooze to keep us engaged...that and that sexy owl....I mean, woman, never an owl.

So what can we take away from this week’s blast from the past?

Leave all eggs alone

Feel blessed if your spirit animal is a toad

And always approach any scene of conflict in a golf buggy



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