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Corinthian short film

Directed by Mark A. C. Brown and Frederic Fournier Written by Mark A.C. Brown

Short Film Review by Hannah Sayer

Starring David Whitney, Victoria Johnston, Matt Prendergast, John Terence, Chris Spyrides

Corinthian is an eerily quiet and intense short film which follows a family who are caught up in the brutal world of illegal underground bare knuckle boxing. The title Corinthian is a term used to describe someone when they are showcasing the highest standards of amateur sportsmanship. When taking into account the illegal activity which is occurring in this underground club, it is almost ironic to suggest that these people are embodying the Corinthian spirit.

Corinthian short film

The short film opens with a shot of the clock which signifies the time as being 3:06 when the boxing match begins. What follows is a story told in real time, as later the clock is shown again to reinforce that only three minutes have passed, both in the film and in real time. The significance of time in this short film allows for Brown and Fournier to create a pressurised situation where the viewer senses the time ticking by as much as the main character who is fighting for his family’s livelihood. The short film’s plot is ambiguous as it is unclear at first why these two men are fighting in this dark and dingy underground area. By not providing the viewer with a clear narrative direction from the opening, Brown and Fournier keep you guessing which intensifies the tension and keeps you engaged. As the fight comes to a close, the viewer learns that this fight was a deal of sorts for the couple to get some money to support their daughter.

The scene of the fight is intensified by the atmospheric music scored by Max Perryment and Suzanne Smith’s cinematography. The dark and red tones intensify the unruly atmosphere of the underground fighting area. The majority of the film is silent with no dialogue which allows for the music and the aesthetic to tell the story. The intensity evoked through Corinthian’s striking music and cinematography, particularly in the boxing sequence, allows for this short film to leave a lasting impression. For such a quiet film Corinthian certainly packs a punch.

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