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March Movie Trailers

It's post-award season, and March is the movie calendar's equivalent of The Godfather III. With that being said, we hope we have scavenged some decent enough movie trailers of films coming out in March 2020 that you can at least have something to watch through all the tears streaming down your faces (was that a Coldplay lyric?).


All of these trailers are on YouTube, either via the official distributor's channel or the EXTRA SPECIAL UK FILM REVIEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Use the YouTube link in the footer of our website to SUBSCRIBE. That way you get to be part of our super duper trailers community. It's pretty much like any other YouTube channel except our's is messier...Don't tell the Editor we said that. 


You can also find our march movie trailers on our Facebook page, where we post them regularly. Or you can use the "Videos" tab to search for an older film trailer and binge until your heart's content. Although, why we are on the subject, why does Facebook call them videos? Nothing is on videotape anymore. Sure it should be called something else by now. Anyway, this is all by the by. 


Take a look at the trailers below and enjoy March in all its movie sadness.

Onward Movie Trailer

Trolls World Tour Movie Trailer

Mulan Movie Trailer

Misbehaviour Movie Trailer

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