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January Movie Trailers

It's a new year and you know what that means!...broken resolutions to join the gym and a brand new selection of movies to get excited about. These movie trailers in January 2020 prove to be an awesome start, especially with award season just around the corner.  After an amazing year in 2019, cinema-goers will be able to launch right into some wonderful theatrical releases that will satisfy fans of a variety of genres. 


If you are planning to go to the 'flicks (as no one still calls them), these January movie trailers will be an essential tasting board to whet your appetite. Think of this page as one of that cheeky salesman that stands outside of restaurants with a small tray of light bites with toothpicks in. Just enough to get your mouth watering, but certainly not enough to keep you full. And once you have been hooked in (regardless of the possible food standards violations) you will be a sucker for the marketing magnets. 


  Here at UK Film Review, we have few rules when it comes to the movie trailers we share. The first being, we accept literally no responsibility if you don't like them. We didn't make them, we just share them with our users. If you don't like the trailers, probably best to keep your opinion to yourself. Another rule is if you Like one of the trailers we place on our website, you 100% have to tell at least 1000 people about it. That's a standard practice and if you don't Pennywise will turn up at your house at midnight with a balloon filled with Tim Curry's hair...just's actually Bill Skarsgård's.


Anyhoo, enjoy these January movie trailers 2020 and don't forget to SHARE SHARE SHARE.

1917 Movie Trailer

Just Mercy Movie Trailer

The Personal History of David Copperfield Movie Trailer

Bombshell Movie Trailer

Waves Movie Trailer

Queen & Slim Movie Trailer

The Rhythm Section Movie Trailer

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