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April Movie Trailers

Spring has most definitely sprung and these April movie trailers have sprung into our lives and into our hearts. Okay, maybe UK Film Review is a little bit more excited about these trailers than the average movie fan, but we think they are fantastic! 


April is a difficult month in the movie calendar, especially in recent years where Marvel superhero films have dominated the box office. Take a look at this selection though and let us know what you think - via the usual channels of social media, carrier pigeon, smoke signals (please use responsibly), or shouting very loudly from the room you are already in...don't worry, we will probably hear your feedback on these 2020 movie trailers.


Don't forget to check back later in the year where we will hopefully have film reviews of all these 2020 movies and more! This may be on the website or our film podcast or YouTube channel (we get everywhere).


If you would like to promote your film and/or movie trailer, please use the Film Promotions page or relevant form, e.g. Film Channel, Indie Film Trailers, Short Film Trailers etc.


All that 's left to say is that April is not only for sunny weather and blooming flowers, in fact, it is best to stay indoors, watch these April Movie Trailers, and get very excited about watching the films when they hit the cinemas.


p.s. we apologise for any spoilers that are contained within the trailer.


No Time to Die Movie Trailer

Promising Young Woman Movie Trailer

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