Kinofilm Festival

Commencing on 24th November, KINOFILM Festival’s 15th edition will showcase the best short films and debut features from around the world, seeking out diverse, challenging and groundbreaking new films, which local audiences would otherwise never get the chance to see.

Over the course of the festival, KINO will be screening over 300 films, offering talks, workshops, panels, and hosting networking events across our 9-day festival, to educate, entertain and recognise talent with a bumper to bumper schedule offered directly to the community.

We are deeply rooted in the local creative scene and aim to champion local talent, we have a long tradition of supporting locally-made films, many of which have gone on to screen at festivals worldwide.

Kinofilm has supported many of the UK’s leading independent luminaries early in their career: Lynne Ramsay (We need to talk about Kevin), Damien O’Donnell (East is East), Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent), Brian Percival (A Boy Called Dad), Andrea Arnold (Red Road, Fish Tank), Simeon Halligan (White Settlers, Habit), Kolton Lee (Freestyle), David Whitney (Kandahar Break), Jez Lewis (Shed your Tears and Walk Away), Tom Geens (Couple In A Hole), and Mark Gill (England Is Mine).

Our ethical stance is to promote social awareness and community improvement and regeneration in Manchester, and one way to do this, we believe, is through the arts. For our 15th edition, therefore, we are returning to our roots and taking the festival TO the community.

Our primary screening venue this year will be NIAMOS, a building with a rich cultural history, dating back to 1902. At various times a theatre, a cinema, a BBC recording studio, and a Multicultural Arts Centre, the building has played host to performers as diverse as Morecambe and Wise and Nina Simone, but has always remained at the heart of the local community, and is now a community-run space. The main theatre auditorium retains all of its opulent late Victorian splendour, and we will offer a unique and atmospheric viewing experience.

Kino has always been keen to introduce the work of new and emergent international filmmakers to UK audiences, in particular filmmakers from cultures that are all-too-rarely represented. This year, for example, the festival offers free entry submission for Iranian filmmakers, in recognition of the fact that, due to Iran not being part of the International Banking System, they are currently struggling to get their films screened outside of their own country. Kino has long championed New Iranian Cinema and is proud to continue doing so, during such difficult times.

Kinofilm Festival

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