Mar 7, 2018

How to use the Vlog film reviews forum


Hi there,


Fantastic! You are interested in submitting a Vlog film review to our website.


Simply head over to YouTube or Vimeo and upload your video, then head back to this link -


Create new post, give it a title that includes the film name.


In the body of the post, click the little film camera icon and add the URL from your video. It should then display in the post and you can publish. Feel free to write some details in the post about the film too.





Tips for Vlog film reviews


- Aim for 5-10 mins max per vlog film review

- Speak clearly and slowly (very easy to speak fast when recording)

- If you are technically savvy, spruce up the video with effects and assets from the film (make sure you have permission to use these)

- Try to record somewhere quiet, preferably with a plain background

- Static camerawork is preferred, if you are holding your phone it will likely be shakey and audiences may get sea sick

- If you get stuck, or need help, send us a message through Facebook or Twitter.