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Owen Herman

I started writing for UK Film Review in my spare time back in 2016. It has provided a wonderful chance for me, like many others, to engage with a multitude of short and indie films which otherwise might have gone under the radar.

I recently graduated from Newcastle University where I studied Politics and Economics. As part of my degree, I got the chance to study documentary filmmaking and I also wrote my dissertation on post-9/11 American cinema.

My interest in film is wide-ranging. I credit Paul Thomas Anderson with sparking my passion for films with The Master (2012). Other films that have really stuck with me include Call Me by Your Name (2017), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) and Tokyo Story (1953). After studying documentaries I also have a deep love for Free Solo (2018), Night and Fog (1956), and Man with a Movie Camera (1929). I could go on, but this is meant to be a short bio.

Owen Herman
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