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Ieuan Walker

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a film critic (Queue Tony Bennett).

Since my first viewing of Midnight Cowboy when I stole it from my parents’ DVD cabinet when I was twelve, I have yet to shut up about film. As I thought I knew all there was to know about films, I opted for a course in Film Studies in King’s College London. However, it slowly dawned that I had barely touched the atmospheric layer that surrounds the surface of great cinema. Ever since, I have constantly strived to open my mind to all manners of film irrespective of geographical boundaries to their exhibition platforms.

During these studies, I also heard an interesting comparison with film criticism with
sports commentary: Understanding and discussing the plays, for better for worse, can enhance as well as unlock appreciation for its athletes. It has since been my aim to wherever possible open the possibilities of a critical dialogue with my fellow moviegoers.

My postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge further matured my appreciation for film that has helped me to realise the artistic endeavour within each work. Consequently, my criticism is less to slander a film to make for an entertaining read, but to help develop the skills of their respective casts and crew (whilst hopefully making for an entertaining read). This philosophy is integral to UK Film Review which seeks to irrespectively expose and enhance cinematic talents from all corners of the globe.

From the very top of my head, my favourite films range from dark comedies such as In Bruges (2008) to the Italian Neorealists, as well as almost any stop motion animated film (Be sure to check out 2009’s Panique Au Village!).

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Ieuan Walker
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