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Brady Clark

As a novelist currently completing my PhD in Creative Writing at Brunel University, my passion for fiction is strong and perhaps more so when it comes to film. My particular loves are all things Marvel and any work by Scorsese, but I'm not restricted by genre so long as the plot is strong and the acting solid.

I have been reviewing films for around a year, and enjoy seeing my words published where people want to read them as opposed to boring the non-cinephiles with my daily rambles. I am probably not very easily impressed as I enjoy grit, subtlety and being true to character, all of which can be hard to pull off well.

My favourite films in order are The Departed (2006), Walk the Line (2005), Warrior (2011), Good Will Hunting (1997) and The Dark Knight (2008).

You can follow me on the below channels - bradyclark92 (Instagram), @bradyrclark (Twitter).

Brady Clark
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