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Andrew Young

For several years I have had both a love of film and a love of writing. Throughout this time UK Film Review has been there to help me indulge both of these passions.

I am a freelance writer always on the lookout for new work and new opportunities. As one of my regular outlets, UK Film Review offers me no end of odd, entertaining and straight-up impressive offerings in the world of short film, as well as independent features and sought-after cinema releases to sink my teeth into and it is fantastic to be part of such a great site and help our beloved film industry to flourish.

My favourite directors include Martin Scorsese, Richard Linklater and Jim Jarmusch. It is watching films like theirs that I really fell in love with the cinema. If I was forced to pick my favourite films, they would be Goodfellas, When Harry Met Sally, 12 Angry Men and Before Sunset.

Andrew Young
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