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Aaron Gillingham

Since secondary school I’ve always had a passion for filmmaking. How a film goes from idea to a fully realised experience is something I wanted to thoroughly analyse and study so I could later make films of my own. Every aspect of filmmaking is one that fascinates me, from cinematography and sound design to directing and editing.

Whilst studying media at college and university I was able to gain new skills and hobbies, one of those being film criticism. To make good films you need to watch a lot of them, that is how you develop your own taste and style. I created a short-lived review page on Facebook to express my interest in film. I very quickly transitioned my film reviews from Facebook to YouTube in 2015 on the channel ‘Aaron at the Movies’, which I still upload to frequently, but the idea of going back to written reviews is something that has never left me.

As I have some experience in filmmaking and understand the many struggles that come with it, I never look to directly hate a film when reviewing it. I look at the film from all aspects and try my best to judge it fairly taking any limitations it may have into account.

I know a film is good when I can’t stop thinking about it and feel the need to get as many people as possible to see it. The worst kind of movies for me are ones that are simply meh, they’re not good or bad and there genuinely isn’t much to say about it.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn or (as previously mentioned) YouTube for my film related opinions and general updates.

Aaron Gillingham
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