Charlotte Little


I am a 21-year-old student living in Aberdeen, Scotland with a love for films and independent cinemas. I am hard of hearing and visually impaired, I specifically have Usher Syndrome Type 2. What's that you say? The best way to describe my condition is that I have tunnel vision and it takes longer for my eyes to adjust to different light settings, I also wear hearing aids for my hearing loss. Feel free to Google it though!  I often call myself a subtitles enthusiast, advocating for accessible cinema screenings and representation of disabled people within the film and television industry. I write about disability representation and accessible cinemas on my blog 

I was President of my University's Film Society and together with my committee, we organised the 3rd RGU Film Festival, an award-winning festival that showcases short films from filmmakers around the world. All of our film screenings were provided with English Subtitles to create an inclusive cinematic experience. You can find out more at

I especially love indie films and thrillers, specifically psychological thrillers. My favourite films include A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Ladybird and The Devil Wears Prada. 


You can follow me on Twitter @ALittleOutlook for ramblings about films and rants about inaccessibility!

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