Amber Jackson


I first got into writing film reviews as a part of my university’s student newspaper. From this, I was made arts editor, reviewing and editing content about film, television, theatre and anything else creative that I could get my hands on - whilst still writing regularly.


Since graduation, I have realised that I want to turn this passion I have for writing about creative minds and projects into a career. Becoming a critic is something that I am incredibly passionate about and seek to find writing and editorial experience wherever I can. I currently write for two review magazines - UK Film Review being one of them - and enjoy it immensely.


My writing style is passionate, but not over-the-top. I am going to be completely honest about every film I see, whilst maintaining an optimistic attitude. I enjoy promoting and working with individuals who seek to make an impact with their work; particularly those whose work inspires and seeks to change hearts and minds.


It is hard to pick just one favourite film, but you will always know if I love something, because I won’t be able to stop talking about it!


You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for any updates, or my blog site ‘ambwriting’ is frequently updated with reviews and creative commentaries.

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