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Winning Jah C-Krit music video

Directed by Maurizio Ghiotti Starring Winning Jah Short Film Review by Rachel Pullen

C-Krit music video review

Ahhh weed culture, you either love it or hate it, and in the case of Winning Jah, he clearly loves it...a lot, like he is all about the weed culture at this point, if I could sum him and his music video C-Krit up, its weed culture...enough said.

But even though it would be easy to end the train of thoughts there and just get sucked into watching a man smoke a joint with his friends dancing around him, not unlike so many music videos of this style that we have seen in the past, I must delve a little deeper in to the subtext of this piece of film.

In this video we can see our main man Winning Jah hanging with his buddies enjoying the simple things in life, smoking weed, dancing, watching women with hula hoops, you know the usual, but suddenly they are ambushed by a young man and a copper, who take their weed...tragedy has befallen this party in the park.

But Winning Jah ain't no fool, his hula hooping lady tracks them down and takes Winning Jah to see what has become of his stolen herbs, and there before his eyes he can see the police man and his friend sharing his weed with some priests...and although that seems confusing, Winning Jah clears it up for us by breaking the third wall and telling us that we are all herbalists...even religious figures.

C-Krit is a fun music video, the basic idea is spiced up by having a B storyline, in this case weed-stealing coppers, which is a nice addition to the usual tiered execution of weed-based music videos.

Shot in a beautiful location the visual stimulation of this piece is very enjoyable to watch, the vibrancy and colour pop off the screen, making you want to get in your summer best and dance the day away with these fun loving folk and is that not the point of this music style.

C-Krit is a music video that knows it's purpose, to express a fun and welcoming environment, a place where you want to go to chill with you friend listening to the music of Winning Jah, it hits the nail on the head and knows its audience bringing the visuals to match the song with perfect style.



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