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Seechers short film review


Directed by: #NatalieKavanagh

Written by: #MarkChudley and #NatalieKavanagh

Short Film Review by: BrianPenn


Any film prefixed by the phrase sci-fi makes me groan with resignation. It is fair to say I’m not a fan but such indifference is an ideal position from which to judge this short film by Natalie Kavanagh.

The narrative kicks in from the opening frame and lays down an amazingly detailed premise. In 600 BC pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Anaximander discovered the universe was born from a powerful blue luminous substance which came from the sub-conscious world Nihilo. He shared the secret with his most trusted students who were called Seechers. A minute amount of this substance lay in the pineal gland of every human. More is found in those that are exceptionally imaginative; those who carry the substance are able to unlock great power.

Processing this colossal brain dump we are next introduced to the hyper intelligent society of Seechers. The newly initiated Aris Fletcher (Kristian Wilkes) is beginning to interpret his dreams and searching his imagination for deeper answers. Professor Talia Ward (Aurora Fearnley) warns him not to stray too far from the sect’s teaching. Girlfriend and fellow Seecher Maya (Betty Denville) is impressed by Fletcher’s razor sharp intellect but also fears what he might discover. He is soon abducted by the mysterious Dr Rivers (Christopher Sciueref) who begins a process of interrogation. What has Fletcher discovered and who instructed Dr Rivers to extract answers from him?

The film packs an extraordinary amount of information into 17 minutes of screen time. Imagination is key to the story both for the viewer and characters. We are asked to delve into the deepest recess of our minds; to exploit untapped powers that might otherwise lie dormant. Each frame is beautifully captured and stokes real curiosity even for a non-fan like me.

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