Repercussions short film


Directed by: #CharlieColdfield

Written by: Charlie Coldfield

Starring: #MorwennaTowns, #JaneBennett, #PoppyWatts and #OzaineJohnson

Short Film Review by: #RachelPullen

Repercussions short film

Obsessions are fun right? You can actually be obsessed with anything you want, go ahead...right now obsess over something, let it fill your life, consume you and turn you into a long finger nailed mentalist living in a cave, which is perfect if your obsession is caves.

But obsessions can be selfish, and often we don’t think about how they affect the people around us, which is the angle which Charlie Coldfield has approached it from with his #shortfilm Repercussions, how we cope when someone we love and care about is deep within their own desires to pursue something, and in this case it’s drumming.

Now, drumming is clearly not the hardest obsession to deal with, sure being super into drugs is probably worse but let’s not confuse obsession with addiction, but if you really think about it, drumming is pretty annoying for everyone other than the drummer.

Repercussions follows the story of a couple where the boyfriend has taken to playing the drums...all the goddamn time, and instead of packing up her shit and leaving this tapping insane man she once loved, our leading lady sticks it out and narrates the story of their relationship and her coping mechanisms with her lover's new found lust.

I once dated a man who painted those tiny Warhammer figures and I stood on one barefooted once, that was nearly enough for me to end his life, but instead of smothering him with a pillow, the same response to non stop drumming, she diligently tries to feed him and support him in his passions.

This film delivers a lot in regards to aesthetics, director Charlie Coldfield chooses to not make the drum kit the focal point of any of the shots, instead focusing on the faces of the actors, forcing us to ignore the elephant in the room and consider the relationship and human element to this story.

This short film gives us an uneasy sense of normality, almost as if we should just take this drumming obsession on the chin and not really see it for the insane scenario that it is, this allows for anyone to access the subject matter at hand, you may not love drumming, heck you may not be a musician but instead obsess about collecting used chewing gum from under church hall tables, but you will be able to relate to the characters, subject and film in general.

Repercussions is a beautiful and enjoyable piece, tackling a pretty average subject in an innovative and compelling way, so if you love to love something in an unnatural way then don’t feel shame, get out there and embrace your desires, just don’t let it cost you the love of the people around you.