Ice To The Fire – music video review

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


Directed by: #YanaIvantcheva

Director: Yana Ivantcheva

Writen by: London Taylor (aka London King)

Starring: London Taylor (aka London King), Adrian Gawell

Music video review by: Brian Penn

In that far and away time known as the 1980s; a promo video was the ultimate marketing tool in launching a new artist or promoting that all important single release. It enabled record companies to control exactly what, when and how we heard new material by an artist. However, the intervening years have completely altered how consumers access music; social media now connects us more directly with a recording artist. It seems a remarkable feat the promo video has survived with so many alternatives at our fingertips.

‘Ice to the Fire’ is the first single from London's second EP 'Antichrist Child’. Something of a child prodigy she started performing and writing her own songs at the age of 14. After a stint playing with various bands she recorded her first single ‘Sinking in the Darkness’ in 2011. A multi-faceted artist, she is also an actor and writer with her second novel in preparation.

The video itself is a solid if standard product brimming with soft focus shots of London reclining seductively on a bed and then in a candle scented bath. She bemoans a misfiring relationship when the man in question shows up with a bottle of champagne. Before and after shots in a night of passion are served up with the obligatory 'guy likes her but doesn’t love her' narrative. This level of predictability wouldn’t be an issue if it was executed with more edge. The overall package is pleasant enough but looks and sounds far too safe. I was hoping for a Pink or perhaps a Lady Gaga, but got something between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Not necessarily a bad thing but they should aim for something stronger and less formulaic.