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Who Is Elmore Dean? short film review


Director: Max Rothman

Writer: #MaxRothman

Starring: #TimothyJCox


Who Is Elmore Dean? short movie poster
Who Is Elmore Dean? short movie poster

Who Is Elmore Dean? is a short film about a man whose apartment seems to have taken on a life of its own. Elmore Dean is an esteemed songwriter, and the film opens on the day he will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Only things seem to be happening of their own accord, small at first before gradually becoming something like the merry havoc of a poltergeist.

The #cinematography by Olivia Kimmel is impressive. The camera is rarely still, instead it roves across the set, lazy at first before shifting to feel more restless and in tune with Dean’s anxiety for the day ahead. The camera is static long enough to focus on the subtler moments, like when Dean is stood before the mirror, lost in thought. At times the camera is voyeuristic, as if its

What then follows is an excellently choreographed sequence of events around his apartment – taps turn on by themselves, the stove reignites and items are flung over.

It’s a great idea to explore how a character’s neuroses can infect their surroundings, and it’s a trope more often found in the horror genre. The choreographed sequences here coupled with the soundtrack create a more farcical quality that is light hearted, and amplifies the comedic nature of Elmore’s stress.

With the techniques implemented in just a five minute short movie, Who Is Elmore Dean? is testament to the creativity of its production team, and definitely has the potential to develop into a great piece of prop comedy cinema.



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