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War LOL music video review


Directed by: #JimmyStengel

Music Video Review by: Rachel Pullen


War LOL Movie Review


War...uh, good god lord, what is it good for?....Lol apparently, but we already knew that didn’t we?

Yes war is good for many things; increasing domestic manufacturing, thinning out the ‘’numbers’’, digging for peace and all that jazz, but war does not always mean bombs and guns and precision marching, what about our internal war? Our conflict? It looks like we just got deep.

This week I have used my eyes and ears to enjoy the musical and visual styling’s of Jimmy Stengel’s music video for his latest track War LOL, a song that perhaps looks at the struggle we are having internally with an external world consumed by media and technology.

The video focuses around a young family, who are consumed by their media devices, their young daughter though is more drawn to the nature that surrounds her; we see a family in conflict and a daughter on the fringes, and yet no one puts down the phones for long enough to care.

The style of this #musicvideo reminds me of Cigarette Burns [a short horror flick by my boy John Carpenter] with the foreground and background presenting two different images; we see a lot of idyllic family life laced with images of war and bombs, ones that have been thrown around in the media for decades, the juxtaposition reminds us that no matter what life is like from the outside, it may be a very different case upon deeper inspection.

The colours and choice of shots jump off the screen at you, this is a visually stimulating piece of #filmmaking, and although audiences may find some of the effects to feel a little dated, they will still was drawn in by the style in which Stengel presents his work, his timing with the music brought an excellent sense of immersion, and added another layer to the project. The one shot where random shoes kick over some kids toys was...confusing, why hate the toys, whose shoe is this?, I am assuming the phones exploded, the government busted in [because you know, phones and the government go together like cheese and sadness] and kicked over a bunch of stuff like the bullies that they are, ate the phones and left through a window.

Overall this is a good effort for a project on a budget, also the song is catchy as hell, as a musician myself I can enjoy the effort that has been put into this work and recording, and trust me you will be singing that catchy chorus all day long...cos war is totally LOL.



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