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Three Wise Men-Parallel Lives documentary review


Directed by: Sada Rajiah, Desire Prevost

Written by: Sada Rajiah, Deane Thomas, Bala Indradev Kanaram, Yudishta Varoona Gokool, Vikram Mugon

Starring: Deane Thomas, Joshua Rose, Mahmade Meersaheb

Poster for Three Wise Men- Parallel Lives showing three characters and lighthouse.
Poster for Three Wise Men-Parallel Lives

A wonderful journey that explores the lives and achievements of three extraordinary individuals.

These three people are: Deane Thomas, an Englishman and the founder of True Tesla Technologies in Mauritius, Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, who explored high frequencies and lighting and created the world's first X-ray images, along with wireless technology, radio waves and telephony. And finally Amode Ibrahim Atchia, an entrepreneur and technologist from Mauritius, who introduced the use of scientific ideas and invented mechanical and structural progress in technology.

The film begins with Thomas's story, then moves on to Tesla and then Atchia. Their lives are revealed in detail, beginning from their birth and upbringing and looking into how they managed to complete their remarkable achievements. After spending a life-time traveling the world, living in different countries, Thomas decided to explore the lives of Tesla and Atchia and how their accomplishments affected history. Tesla and Atchia began their work in late nineteenth century and their stories are nothing less than fascinating.

Thomas also provides narration and he does a great job. He narrates his own story and Tesla's one, while the narration for Atchia's part is done by another person.

The film consists of many photos which show Thomas's past life, locations around the world and himself, Tesla and Atchia. Some pictures appear in front of a blurred background. There is also frequent animation, which depicts the journey route one of the three has taken on a map, resembling the ones seen in the Indiana Jones films. The first scene is also animated, which shows planet Earth from space and deserves a lot of praise. There are also re-enactment scenes of the lives of Tesla and Atchia. These scenes were filmed in black-and-white and the footage has been altered to look damaged and scratched, thus bringing the audience back to that era. And the actors do a good job. All the scenes and photos are put together by great editing, with the filmmakers making effective use of the wipe and dissolve techniques.

The score accompanies the images well. At times it is strong and adventurous, indicating significant accomplishments, which works well considering that this documentary is about achievements, and in other parts the music is tender and peaceful.

This hour long feature is about three people who made very significant contributions to the world and anyone who wishes to learn about them, will most likely find this piece of work very interesting.




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